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WE – Galaxy G Series Gas Blowback Pistol – Silver


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WE – Galaxy G Series Gas Blowback Pistol – Silver

As a direct response to the resounding success of the Action Army AAP-01, WE has finally entered the fray with their brand-new Galaxy line-up. They have not only presented their interpretation of a Ruger/Glock mash up, but in addition to that, they have pushed it a few steps farther. To begin, and perhaps most significantly, they have presented several versions in the very first articles that they have made. They have not only followed up with a model that has a Glock lower style, but they have also produced two more variants that use a 1911 and a Hi-Capa lower frame. Both of these models are available.

This initial model they are releasing makes sense because it is the Glock lower style, which will allow them to compete directly with the Action Army. Despite this, there are a number of compelling arguments that support selecting this over the AA approach. To begin, you will receive a whole metal upper that can be customised in one of five colours. Then they added adjustable iron sights along with top and bottom rail pieces for mounting optics and accessories on the lower rail. This is an additional accessory set that you would need to purchase if you opted for the more affordable AA variant. The more affordable AA variant is also entirely constructed out of plastic. In addition to that, a trigger with a unique design has already been installed.

If you already own a handgun from the WE G Series, the magazine will work properly in the Galaxy. This is true for extended magazines, drum magazines, and drum magazines as well. There are five different colour options available for the Galaxy, including black, silver, gold, blue, and purple.

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