WE Galaxy Pistol Replica Full Auto - Black


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WE Galaxy Pistol Replica – Black

This unique replica manufactured by the well-known Taiwanese replica manufacturer WE was made largely out of metal and also high-quality polymer.

The pistol does not have a real life counterpart, but that’s not important. What’s important is that the manufacturer focused on creating a universal replica that will satisfy airosft games in the forest, CQB or speedsoft.

The fixed inner barrel was placed in the body which is also the outer barrel equipped with a 14mm CCW thread, but also the body holding the internal bolt. Thanks to this, the replica achieves very good focus and range. The manufacturer went for fiber optics for the sights, and also additional ris rails to mount tactical accessories such as optics or a flashlight. Additionally, thanks to the removal of a heavy slide, the replica is extremely economical despite the use of the blowback system. The lower part of the body was designed on the model of the well-known and renowed for its ergonomics G series, thanks to which operating such an unusual replica will not cause any problems for users of more classic replicas.

As a side note, the pistol has the ability to fire both single fire and full-auto thanks to a discreetly placed firing selector. For those who care about safety, the manufacturer also decided to put in an additional hidden safety next to the trigger.

The set includes:

– Replica
– 24 BB magazine
– 2x ris rails
– mounting screws
– Allen key
– Manual

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