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WE – Scar-H MK20 MOD 0 SSR carbine replica – Dark Earth


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  • Weapon category: Assault Rifles
  • FPS: 300-350
  • Length: 815/1060mm
  • Inner barrel length: 510mm
  • Barrel thread type: 14mm CCW
  • Weight: 3365g
  • Material: Polymer/Metal
  • Colour: Dark Earth
  • Magazine: Hi-Cap
  • Magazine capacity: 330
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Blowback: No
  • Selector mode: Safe/Semi/Full Auto
  • Quick Spring Change System: No
  • Plug connection: Tamiya
  • Recommended battery: 7.4V Lipo Stick
  • Battery included: No
  • Charger included: No

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In stock

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WE – Scar-H MK20 MOD 0 SSR carbine replica – Dark Earth

The airsoft version of this rifle that was exhibited by WE, is certainly capable of being considered to be among the best of the various copies of this carbine that are now on the market. The WE replica is an excellent option due to the precise replication of all the features known from the original as well as the use of materials of the highest quality throughout the creation process.

The upper body is crafted from a single piece of metal, utilising computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Tan-colored reinforced polymer is used to construct the lower portion of the body, the stock, and the pistol grip of the weapon. This is a model that is available in the SSR version, which stands for “sniper version” of the Sniper Support Rifle. It is longer than the regular one and has a longer barrel that is 510 millimetres in length.

On the receiver, authentic marks have been laser etched, precisely like they are on the real Rifle. By disassembling the replica, finding the star key that is buried in the dummy gas block is really helpful.

The replica incorporates mechanical flip-up iron sights that are collapsible, adjustable, and can be folded up. Because the fire mode selector is located on both sides of the body, there is no obstacle for left-handed people to overcome when using the carbine. After pulling the charging handle, you will have access to the easy to adjust hop up chamber. The handle may be shifted to the opposite side of the copy, and the bolt-catch mechanism also functions, albeit in a limited capacity.

A rubber foot serves as the finishing touch on the stock, which also conceals a battery and can be modified to one of six different lengths. These features allow the replica to be customised to the shooter’s physical characteristics and personal preferences. In addition, the cheek pad can be adjusted, and the stock itself can be completely folded to the side, which helps to minimise the overall size of the replica, making it easier to transport,

There is a lengthy top RIS 22mm mounting rail that runs the length of the body from one end to the other. Moreover, the rails were fastened to the front grip on all three of its sides. Because of them, we are able to fit the carbine with a wide variety of extra accessories, ranging from optics and grips to tactical illumination and laser target markers. These attachments are easy to install on the Rifle.

Thanks to the v.2 gearbox that comes equipped with 8mm bearings and is full of strengthened elements, the reproduction does not leave much to be desired on the interior either. In addition to that, it has a high-class chamber and hop-up bucking, as well as a tight system and outstanding fitting of the individual components. By setting the firing mode selector to the “Safe” position, a spring release system is activated, which is an innovative and useful invention!

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