Mask talk – PROTECT YO GRILL!!!

PROTECT YO GRILL!!! A story about a mask

I wanted to do something out of the box today and talk about a little bit of kit that is underrated but absolutely essential. I often get asked “Yo fox! What’s with the mask?”

There is a little story behind it.

As much as I would love to tell you that the main reason for getting the mask was so I could look like a hunter from Destiny or a stranger looking version of Iron Man, I actually bought this as my face consistently kept catching those pesky little white things we fire out the end of our pew pews.

Now, as you may know, I LOVE CQB!

It’s my passion. Nothing gives me a bigger rush of adrenaline than to run around a giant maze shooting people with plastic. This was all good and dandy until 16th July (a day worth remembering in my calendar clearly). During an epic day at The Stan, I bounded around a corner, Tippman M4 shouldered and ready to tighten on the trigger when BAM! I was shot pretty much square on in the forehead, leaving an egg like bu for one week (a cracking shot in my opinion… pun intended). Any airsofter of all time will tell you, getting kissed by a bb in the face let along the forehead hurts!

Now to cut a long story short

after a stern talking to from my mum and let’s be real, mums do know best (SOMETIMES) so who was I to argue, I spoke to the awesome team at UK Airsoft and decided to buy the Dyei4. Now… did it work? Have I been shot in the face again? Well… yes… to both. Turns out that if I don’t wear it… my face kinda hurts! Who knew?!

So there’s a lesson for you all kids!

Wear face protection or risk your face!!! (And it can get a lot worse than just an egg-shaped bu It doesn’t need to be fancy and cost a fortune, it just needs to be good quality.

So what kind of face pro do you run? And do you change depending on what type of game you’re playing?

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and for your support! See you all in the next one!

My Dye i4 mask