Onlyairsoft and Combat UK, Meet the Team

So who makes all the magic happen at Onlyairsoft ?

Well working behind the scene and in Charge of the Onlyairsoft website, we have the director of the company Edward Leo.

Edward started Onlyairsoft six years ago in a tiny market stall which is now at the back of our main store.

A love for the sport and the seeing of people coming together over a common interest drove Edward to grow Onlyairsoft to what we have today.

His goal was always to have the biggest and best airsoft store in the UK and Onlyairsoft is quickly on its way to meeting that target.

Edward and Ida , the founders of Onlyairsoft

Jason Parker (AKA OXFORD)

Our longest serving member of staff is Jason Parker. Jason joined Onlyairsoft a few years ago and has truly shown to be a great asset to the store.

Coming from a medical background there is not much that he has not seen in his life, his passion for the sport shines through and can often be seen wearing his famous red cap while playing.

Parker is most likely one of the first faces you will see when visiting Onlyairsoft and his knowledge of the products is hard to beat.

So next time you visit make sure you ask him difficult questions.

Emma Powell (aka Fierce fox )

Emma has not been with us very long but she sure is a hit with the Onlyairsoft customers, she quickly makes them relaxed and is often making people tea and coffee as they think about there next purchase.

Her great northern tones make her very easy to speak to and we often get loads of great reviews about her customer service.

In her spare time, she loves to travel back up and play her local site.

She is also an avid Instagram blogger and has many followers.

Kieran Goddard (AKA Keyring)

As the newest and I think the youngest member of the team of Onlyairsoft. Keyring brings youth and enthusiasm to the store. with his boyband floppy hair and wicked sense of humor, he is a much-welcomed addition to the team.

Onlyairsoft loves to have young and exciting people on the team. Keyring brings that in buckets he is often the envy of the rest of the team for the number of photos he seems to get in.

What can we say the camera loves him.

As a quick and slim guy, he loves to play CQB and often just with pistols. Don’t be fooled he is equally as happy trying to get knife kills.

So next time you see him on a site. Say hi but be careful where you hide as he will be trying to hunt you down.

Keyring sporting his Onlyairsoft hoodie

Well, that’s just a small intro to some of the staff here at Onlyairsoft.

Don’t to forget to follow the shop on social media. Keep up to date with new and old products, as well as shop shenanigans.



Tune in soon where we will be talking about the clothing and technical side of the business with Ida and Airsoft Monkeys.

Chow for now

The Onlyairsoft Team

The team with some of our regular customers outside Onlyairsoft