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Replica of the M92 Eagle pistol

The EC-produced M92 replica is modelled on the design of the most popular pistol of Italian production . The replica was made with the highest attention to detail. The breech, frame and magazine of the pistol are made of metal, with only the grip linings made of plastic – exactly as in the flammable original. The linings are replaceable and have a comfortable, non-slip texture. The quality of the finish and fit of the components can be seen and felt immediately after picking up the replica. The materials used make its weight similar to the original.

In the rear of the breech, there is a flexible winged safety. The wing fuse is also the fire mode selector, as the M92 has the ability to conduct continuous fire.

Through the use of the powerful blow-back system, it has also managed to bring the use closer to its flammable counterpart – the system sets in motion a dummy breech, which retracts with each shot and remains in the rear position when the magazine is emptied. This creates a ‘kick’ effect on the replica and greatly enhances the experience and enjoyment of firing. The M9A1 is also characterised by a very smoothly operating trigger.

The replica comes with a metal magazine, which, in addition to the gas tank, holds 26 pellets.

The M9A1 also features a very smoothly operating trigger.

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