ARMORED CLAW – Shield Flex Tactical Gloves – Black



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Material: Spandex + Neoprene + Synthetic Leather
Compatible with Touch Devices
Weight: 95 g
Colour: Black
Manufacturer: Armored Claw

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5 in stock


Armored Claw Shield Flex Tactical Gloves

Armored Claw gloves are an excellent choice and will prove ideal for any situation that requires hand protection. Both during combat and daily use. They are also intended for users, for whom combat is everyday work, because Armored Claw line of gloves was designed with officers of uniformed services in mind, not only airsoft enthusiasts. 

Armored Claw gloves were made from highest quality, tested for many years materials that guarantee their reliability and durability. These include, among others, original Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers by Dupont® as well as Keprotec® protective material developed by Schoeller Switzerland®. Comfort, breathability and easy adjustment to the user’s hand was achieved thanks to, e.g. Spandex, Neoprene, natural and artificial leather.

Armored Claw line or products features a wide array of gloves of varied degree of protection. All that in order to allow the user to pick the right model that corresponds to his or her needs: non-flammable gloves, resistant to cuts, specially reinforced in order to provide protection against shock and other kinds of trauma.

Shield Flex™ is a completely new model in the Armored Claw series of gloves. A known and well-liked cut was expanded upon with several interesting solutions that improve protection and comfort of wearing. The knuckles feature soft protectors that absorb shock and protect from trauma. The most interesting solution implemented in the gloves, however, is a stiff TPU protector on the outside. Made from an extremely durable polymer covered with foam for better amortization. As the insert might become obsolete for certain activities that the users might have to conduct, the manufacturer has decided to implement the incredibly useful function that is the option of removal of the protector. If the user considers the protector expendable in a particular situation, the protector can be taken out from a special compartment with a hook and loop fastener.

The outer layer of Shield Flex™ gloves was made from spandex – a material that is characteristic for its high elasticity whilst at the same time being resistant to permanent stretching. The internal side of a hand features high quality synthetic leather and soft protectors filled with EVA foam that increases comfort and safety. Fingers have a single layer of leather for better grip and easier conducting of precise operations.

On the inside of the thumb and finger tips there are anti-slip panels that allow to easily operate touchscreens of devices such as smartphones or tablets. The elastic lower part of a glove allows it to more easily adapt to the wrist and on the outside there a comfortable hook and loop fastener that enables circumference adjustment as well as a mounting loop that allows for the attachment of gloves to a piece of equipment.