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APS – ASK211 EBB Carbine Replica – Black


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APS – ASK211 EBB Carbine Replica – Black


The ASK209 carbine replica by APS is an innovative product equipped with a gearbox bearing the brand name “Silver Edge“. The ASK211 is built using the popular Soviet rifles as a base, and equipped with wooden elements and a handguard.

The replica is mostly made out of steel. The receiver, dust cover, outer barrel, trigger guard, buttstock, magazine, firing mode selector and some of the smaller elements are made out of steel, while the trigger, mechanical sights and some small elements – out of a uniform zinc and aluminium alloy. The pistol grip and the handguard were out made of plastic.

The heart of the replica is the new “Silver Edge” gearbox. Designed and made using an innovative and more user-friendly technique, according to comparative tests carried out by the manufacturer, it is 33% more efficient in terms of energy consumption than the standard system. It is equipped with a quick spring change system that allows the user to change the muzzle velocity of the projectile without having to open up the gearbox. Apart from that, the design is fully compatible with most of the standard tuning and replacement parts available on the market, which allows for easy tuning of the replica.

The reinforced gears are mounted on 8 mm metal bearings. The electrical system consists of silver-plated, low-resistance wiring that ensures stable operation, and the replica’s motor is equipped with a metal core. The cylinder and the inner barrel were made out of stainless steel.

The replica is equipped with the EBB system – an electric system that imitates the operation of the bolt. This increases the immersion when using the replica, making it similar to operating a real firearm and thus providing additional pleasure from firing it.

The reasonable for an assault the muzzle velocity of ~ 390 FPS combined with the optimal length of the inner barrel and its reduced diameter make the replica perfect for assault operations and shooting at medium distances with high efficiency and focus. 

The replica is designed to work with 7.4V – 11.1V batteries.

Note! The set does not include a battery or a charger.

Set contains: 

– replica

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