Umarex – Beretta Mod.92 FS Pistol Replica – Black



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Wykonanie: tworzywo sztuczne + metal
Waga: 605g
Długość: 219mm
Kolor: czarny
Prędkość wylotowa: ~380 FPS
Napęd: CO2
Producent: Umarex

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Umarex – Beretta Mod.92 FS Pistol Replica – Black


A replica of the pistol made by the respected Umarex company. Thanks to the full license of the Italian Pietro Beretta S.p.A. factory, we can feast our eyes on the original markings placed on the replica, as well as the authentic nomenclature. It is a gas-powered (CO2) replica, one of the most popular pistol models in the Beretta catalog.

The frame and slide of the pistol are made of polymer, small structural elements such as the trigger, magazine and, of course, internal parts are metal. The whole thing was perfectly fitted. On the right side of the frame there is a simple and convenient fuse.

The replica is powered by a standard, 12g CO2 capsule installed inside the grip. The pistol is devoid of a blow-back system, which makes it very economical and economical to use – it makes it possible to fire a really large number of shots on one capsule.

The replica comes with a metal magazine which, apart from the gas tank, holds 15 BBs.

The set includes:

-Test pack of BBs



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