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GATE – Titan V3 Advanced Controller Set


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GATE – Titan V3 Advanced Controller Set


The TITAN ™ V3 Drop-In mosfet controller set transforms the AEG into an advanced training replica. Thanks to set, you will gain a massive tactical advantage over the other players, thanks to the rapid response to the trigger, with the possibility of modifying the replica and adapting it to each game with 20 available functions. This is the most advanced model from GATE.

The TITAN ™ V3 controller give your replica a new life.

The TITAN system in the ADVANCED version that has unblocked access to all programming functions using the GATE Control Station.

TITAN ™ gives you all new possibilities:

– Trigger sensitivity adjustment

– Pre-cocking boost, i.e. spring tension control (shortens the time from pressing the trigger to the shot)

– Adjusting the firing selector modes

– Burst shot mode – Rate of fire adjustment

– Alerts you when the battery is low

– Protects the battery from damage

– “Sniper Delay” – Full cycle detection

– AUG mode – the ability to set two trigger sensitivity (single and continuous fire)

A more detailed description of the functions of the TITAN ™ controller:

Five sensors allow you to control the sensitivity of the trigger. There is no need to disassemble the replica, just use the Tactical Programmer Card or the GATE ™ Control Station application. It will allow you to adjust the replica to your personal skills and individual preferences.

Two sensors can be programmed in three ways, a choice of up to 6 functions:





– SAFE-SEMI-BURST * / AUTO (short hold – BURST, long trigger AUTO)

– SAFE-BURST * -AUTO (SAFE by quickly switching modes, then: SAFE-SEMI-SAFE)

* BURST means burst shooting mode.

The set includes:

– TITAN V3 module in the ADVANCED firmware version

– USB-Link

– Installation kit

– MICRO-USB cable

– USB-C cable

– Quick start guide (in English)

– TITAN patch