GC4-16 IAR Carbine Replica

By G&G
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G&G’s GC4-16 carbine replica was made as part of the Intermediate series, which is designed to deliver high-quality replicas at a price that is considered economical. Intermediate replicas are characterized by G&G’s high quality of workmanship and work culture as well as the highest quality of used materials.

The replica has a SF type stock with a rubber pad, with a compartment for the battery inside. The buttstock is adjustable so you can adjust the rifle’s length to the shooter’s preferences. The kit includes a set of mechanical flip-up iron sights. They can be folded down so that they do not interfere with any optical viewfinders.

The replica features a dorsal RIS rail and a set of three rails on the front grip. This complete set of rails makes it possible to assemble a whole range of accessories, from optics, grips and tactical lighting, up to laser target markers.

The replica is supplied together with a 300-gauge hi-cap steel magazine.

The replica is based on a v2 type gearbox with 8 mm bearings, which achieves an output speed of around 430 FPS right out of the box. This makes the gun perfect for long-distance and medium-distance operations. Inside you will find a well-sealed pneumatic system, equipped with a high class HU chamber and G&G’d renowned green hop-up bucking.

The replica comes with a MOSFET and the E.T.U. trigger system which wllows to program its firing modes. You can reprogram the full-automatic mode to shoot in bursts and vice versa. Tntering the programming mode is done by holding down the trigger in the single fire mode for 10 seconds (with the battery attached, of course).

The kit does not include a battery nor charger.

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