Heckler & Koch USP Tactical pistol replica



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Wykonanie : tworzywo sztuczne + metal
Waga : 825g
Długość : 220mm + 135mm tłumik
Zasilanie : elektryczne
Prędkość wylotowa : ~200 FPS
Pojemność magazynka : 30 sztuk
Producent : Umarex

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The replica is made mostly of plastic. The lock and silencer are made of metal. The replica is electrically powered which allows it to be used, unlike gas replicas, in virtually all weather conditions.

Under the barrel of the replica there is a 22mm rail allowing additional accessories to be mounted. The double-row magazine holds 30 pellets. The large capacity of the magazine comes in handy considering the fact that this model also has a continuous fire option.

The set includes :

– Heckler & Koch USP Tactical electric pistol replica
– low-cap magazine (30 rounds)
– sound suppressor
– charger


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