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LCT – LCK104 NV Assault Rifle Replica – Black


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LCT – LCK104 NV Assault Rifle Replica – Black


A replica of the most famous Russian technical idea – the modified version of the  assault rifle designed by Michail Kalasznikow. The replica was made of the highest-class components with keeping a great attention to details and reproduction of the original .Despite some minor elements almost the whole replica is made of metal. The plastic pistol grip, the stock and the foregrip are the exceptions.

Thanks to the used materials and the production quality, the replica is characterized by an essential durability. No lose places, production inaccuracies or inappropriate fittings is seen here. The whole construction seems to be a one solid element. The interior parts allow the replica to be tuned easily and ensure a long an trouble free operation in the basic configuration.

The replica guarantees a muzzle velocity of about 415 FLS what makes this rifle perfect for every assault man. Simultaneously, the durability and production quality allows this replica to be used not only in standard event, but also as a simulation or stun replica.

     The set includes:

– the replica,
– a magazine,

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